Publication Ethics

J. Idn. Chem. Soc. proceeds all the submitted manuscript and editorial process through the online submission system without considering the race and ethnic, gender, religion, nationality, or political philosophy of the associate editors, reviewers, and authors. 

Journal Policies, Authorships, and Contributorship

The authors should mention of each author contributions to the manuscripts where the list and the order of the authors shall be decided before the submission. Addition of the authorship cannot be made with any reason after the peer-review process is started. Peer-review process will only involve the corresponding author to communicate with the editors.  

How the journal will handle complaints and appeals

The scopes of the complaints and appeals handled by J. Idn. Chem. Soc. are the editorial process, citation manipulation, unfair editor/reviewer, and peer-review manipulation. The Editorial office will handle complaints and appeals from the authors as long as they are included in the scope of the complaints. The complaint cases will be processed and the final decision is made by the Editorial office.    

Journal policies on conflicts of interest/competing interests

Reviewers and editors shall not have a conflict of interest with the authors. If they do, they have to mention the editorial office as soon as possible and they shall be withdrawn from the peer-review process.  

Journal policies on data sharing and reproducibility

All the submitted papers are treated as confidential documents and therefore, shall not be used by editors and reviewers without permission from the authors. The published papers can be reproduced with permission for non-commercial activities according to the Creative-Commons Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License

Journal’s policy on intellectual property

Upon acceptance of the papers, the editor will contact the authors to provide a copyright transfer agreement that should be signed originally by the corresponding author and uploaded in the online system. After the transfer, the copyright belongs to J. Idn. Chem. Soc. However, the authors can hold all proprietary rights other than copyright such as patent rights. The authors also have the right to use all or part of this paper for non-commercial activities such as lectures. For the other purpose, the authors shall contact the editorial office to get permission. 

Journal’s options for post-publication discussions and corrections. 

J. Idn. Chem. Soc.providesoptions for post-publication discussions and corrections. If required, the review process can be requested before acceptance.

Journal’s policy on ethical oversight

Legal ethical approval is required when the author's conducting research involving human and animals.