Sabran et al. on page 54 with DOI number of 10.34311/jics.2019.02.1.54 entitled “Systematic Study of Calcination Temperature on Photocatalytic Activity of Luminescent Copper(I) Pyrazolate Complex/Titanium Oxide Composites” have been selected as a cover picture. In this report, luminescent composites [Cu3Pz3]/TiO2 enable as a semiconductor photocatalyst with a significant improvement on photocatalytic activity for removal and degradation of 2,4-D. This higher photocatalytic activity compared to TiO2 is due to the presence of columnar assembly for delaying electron-hole recombination between valance and conduction bands. Indeed, calcination temperature is important parameter to increase photocatalytic activity of photocatalyst composites.

Published: 2019-08-31